Diamond Shine, Ardentes Bracelet


I believe in that special time, Christmas Eve, each countess wishes she would receive a special aptitude from her lover. And of course, the special could be a car, or a dress, or whatever To me, I reverie it is the Ardentes Bracelet from Louis Vuitton

Diamond Shine, Ardentes Bracelet

Diamond Shine, Ardentes Bracelet

This talented bracelet is ranged les Ardentes, crafted out of white gold jell with a diamond nick in a Monogram flower diamond Furthermore, 474 skilful gouge diamonds surrounding the flower one shine gloriously that seems the brightest ruler in night sky I obtain to apprise the truth that my top sight was shocked by its extravagant luxury and imaginative device It is uttered that les Ardentes as a timeless burden whose genuine lines highlight Louis Vuittons remarkable doyenne and flower diamond cuts, is inspired by the Monogram Nevertheless, its hefty remuneration at $61,000 is in expectation yet not so neighbourly I cede make a consideration though its fantastic silhouette does snatch me every moment.

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