Diamond Shine, Ardentes Bracelet


I believe in that special time, Christmas Eve, each countess wishes she would receive a special aptitude from her lover. And of course, the special could be a car, or a dress, or whatever To me, I reverie it is the Ardentes Bracelet from Louis Vuitton

Diamond Shine, Ardentes Bracelet

This talented bracelet is ranged les Ardentes, crafted out of white gold jell with a diamond nick in a Monogram flower diamond Furthermore, 474 skilful gouge diamonds surrounding the flower one shine gloriously that seems the brightest ruler in night sky I obtain to apprise the truth that my top sight was shocked by its extravagant luxury and imaginative device It is uttered that les Ardentes as a timeless burden whose genuine lines highlight Louis Vuittons remarkable doyenne and flower diamond cuts, is inspired by the Monogram Nevertheless, its hefty remuneration at $61,000 is in expectation yet not so neighbourly I cede make a consideration though its fantastic silhouette does snatch me every moment.

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